LIIKKUKAA - Sports For All ry

The name Liikkukaa! is short for Sports and Culture

Liikkukaa - Sports for All has about 70 member organizations nationally and we operate both on national and international level with our European partners. The organization was founded 1999 by a group of students building a sports hall in the Kumpula district in Helsinki. Since then Liikkukaa! org has organized multicultural related sport and culture events and actively participated in different seminars and work shops dealing with multiculturalism both as organizer and expert.

Liikkukaa! org’s network consist of both national and international partners. Besides increasing membership and developing services Liikkukaa! org’s mission is to extend the national and international network and further deepen cooperation with them.

Liikkukaa! org has wide experience in the challenges and benefits presented by multiculturalism. Through our network of members and partners we maintain a strong connection to the grassroot multicultural work in Finland. Please contact us if you have questions!